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New Website 1 of ? And Special

With the start of the new year it has been on my mind to 100% re-create my main photography website www.dansbyphotography.com …..   So that in addition to other projects I have been working on it and it’s making great progress.  One of the first things you will see; it is HIGHLY #Catholic so as to reflect my faith and give Glory to God.  I would like to thank http://www.ecatholicblog.com/ for the royalty free use of the background pictures.

My goals for the new site are hopefully:
1.  Easier to use for my clients
2. Compatible with more devices
3. More informative on the three main topics of my life (Photography, my Catholic faith, and Epilepsy)

Please take a look and keep a eye on the progress….  If you have any resources you would like me to consider or input for the site….  Please let me know.  I can be reached via my business email dansbyphotography@outlook.com

Some of our upcoming specials that we have planned are
BOGO Book One Get One,
Senior and Family Photos

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and I ask that The Blessed Mary Ever Virgin deliver your prayers directly to her Divine Son.

In prayer and always behind the camera your Cowboy Photographer

Edward Dansby


Promoting and Highlighting

With a New Year comes new opportunities and challenges…..

Well with that said….   Effective Immediately I am willing to promote/feature one artist (painter, photographer, singer, etc..), celebrity, public figure, etc…  On my facebook page(s), my main website and here on my blog.  Included with that promotion are a free set of headshots taken by myself.

What’s the catch???
1. You must provide some very basic yet verifiable information.
2. A rider or intro statement
3. A bio and timeline of your work/experience.
4. A link to your WEBSITE or VERIFIED Social Network Account.
5. At least one non-profit cause (in good standing) that you have been involved directly in.

Feel free to contact me for more information

A New Year

My first blog post of 2015….

I have a blogger blog but since my website is a Word Press one and most everyone is switching over to word press I reckon it’s time for me to get on the horse.  2015 is a New Year and as such as fresh start.  Not only for my life but also for my business.  In this blog I’ll be giving you a “behind the scenes” look into the aspects of my life…  Business, Personal, Faith and Views.  And yes I’ll be posting some photography tricks that us pros use and some freebies from my collection.  🙂  Feel free to follow me and enjoy the ride….It’s gonna be a wild ride.