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New Website 1 of ? And Special

With the start of the new year it has been on my mind to 100% re-create my main photography website www.dansbyphotography.com …..   So that in addition to other projects I have been working on it and it’s making great progress.  One of the first things you will see; it is HIGHLY #Catholic so as to reflect my faith and give Glory to God.  I would like to thank http://www.ecatholicblog.com/ for the royalty free use of the background pictures.

My goals for the new site are hopefully:
1.  Easier to use for my clients
2. Compatible with more devices
3. More informative on the three main topics of my life (Photography, my Catholic faith, and Epilepsy)

Please take a look and keep a eye on the progress….  If you have any resources you would like me to consider or input for the site….  Please let me know.  I can be reached via my business email dansbyphotography@outlook.com

Some of our upcoming specials that we have planned are
BOGO Book One Get One,
Senior and Family Photos

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and I ask that The Blessed Mary Ever Virgin deliver your prayers directly to her Divine Son.

In prayer and always behind the camera your Cowboy Photographer

Edward Dansby


Wendy Lynn Adams — Sound Click

This post is on behalf of RisingSun Productions:
We now have a link for you all that are fans of Wendy Lynn to listen and enjoy some of her songs,written and recorded by Wendy Lynn! The link ishttp://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1371783 please be welcome to visit and enjoy! More to come soon.
Thankyou for your continued support of this wonderfully talented artist. Welcome to our world with kindest regards, Sandy Milburn mgr. RisingSun Productions.

Wendy Lynn and RisingSun are clients of mine and I personally vouch for them.   It has been a pleasure to work with them