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New Website 1 of ? And Special

With the start of the new year it has been on my mind to 100% re-create my main photography website www.dansbyphotography.com …..   So that in addition to other projects I have been working on it and it’s making great progress.  One of the first things you will see; it is HIGHLY #Catholic so as to reflect my faith and give Glory to God.  I would like to thank http://www.ecatholicblog.com/ for the royalty free use of the background pictures.

My goals for the new site are hopefully:
1.  Easier to use for my clients
2. Compatible with more devices
3. More informative on the three main topics of my life (Photography, my Catholic faith, and Epilepsy)

Please take a look and keep a eye on the progress….  If you have any resources you would like me to consider or input for the site….  Please let me know.  I can be reached via my business email dansbyphotography@outlook.com

Some of our upcoming specials that we have planned are
BOGO Book One Get One,
Senior and Family Photos

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and I ask that The Blessed Mary Ever Virgin deliver your prayers directly to her Divine Son.

In prayer and always behind the camera your Cowboy Photographer

Edward Dansby